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PUP - Personal Umbrella Policies


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Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy is a type of policy that works with homeowners or auto insurance. It offers increased liability coverage above that offered by the primary policy. That means if you’re found liable for something, and must pay damages above what your primary insurance allows, then umbrella insurance will pay the rest. That is, as long as you stay within its limits.


Umbrella insurance is available to anyone with a primary insurance policy. However, the best candidate for this type of coverage will have excessive assets. And be a possible target for lawsuits. For example, if an individual files a civil lawsuit and wins damages, then assets may be at risk. Umbrella coverage could be used to pay the damage award and therefore protect personal or business assets.


People who need high levels of insurance coverage purchase umbrella policies. They are not used to replace a homeowner or automobile insurance policy. In fact, in order to get an umbrella policy, it is necessary to have existing high levels of coverage on homeowner and auto insurance policies.


Umbrella policies can be purchased by individuals and businesses. This type of policy extends the limits of the policyholder’s liability from $1 to $5 million. It is high because the point of the policy is to provide financial aid in the event of a catastrophic event that would cost millions of dollars in out of pocket expenses.


An insurance agent can help determine the type and amount of liability coverage you need. Net worth is one consideration. People in certain jobs may be at a higher risk of having a lawsuit filed against them. Without sufficient coverage, the person’s assets are at risk.


Wealthy people at risk for lawsuits usually choose this coverage. But umbrella insurance can be purchased by people of any income level. Anyone’s car, home, or savings may be placed at risk if they face a lawsuit. The difference is that the average person typically would not be found guilty of millions of dollars worth of damages – unless there are extreme circumstances.

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