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Recreational vehicle insurance is insurance coverage for recreational vehicles. The policy provides coverage specific to recreational vehicles. In other words, you get coverage that goes far beyond your typical automobile or homeowner insurance policy.  It’s mostly for vehicles such as motor homes that serve as a living space and a form of transportation.


This type of insurance is similar to homeowner insurance policies. It covers the belongings inside the vehicle, and will reimburse or replace stolen or broken items. In most cases, as with most insurance, you choose the amounts and types of coverage that best suits your needs. Insurance rates vary depending on where, how, and how frequently you use your RV.


Recreational vehicle insurance is available for all types of recreational vehicles. Boats, jet skis travel trailers, and more are included in this category. If you’re still paying for the vehicle, the lender might have requirements for insurance coverage. If you financed the purchase of your RV, you should check to make sure the insurance you buy meets the obligation.


Motorhome insurance offers specific coverage to your motorhome. If you own a recreational vehicle, it is a good idea to purchase a specific policy to cover that vehicle as the standard auto insurance policy that you'd get for a car aren't often enough to cover a motorhome, especially if you drive it full time.


The benefits of purchasing a special policy to cover your home on wheels include coverage for things like personal possessions inside the motorhome, liability issues, and even personal injury claims arising from someone being injured because of your motorhome.


The cost of your policy will depend on the cost of the motorhome, where it is stored when not in use, and how much your deductible is.

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