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State laws require that all car owners have at least a minimum amount of auto insurance. You might also have to purchase additional coverage if you’re getting a loan to buy a car. The lender will let you know what is expected when you’re preparing to purchase the car.

At the least, the state requires drivers to purchase liability coverage. This is because drivers are often financially responsible to others for damage they cause during an accident. Liability coverage will not compensate you for damages to your vehicle or pay for any other expenses related to a collision, but it will compensate other people in the accident, assuming you were the cause of the accident. This may include repairs, medical bills and damaged personal property.

It’s almost guaranteed that an auto lender will require you to maintain collision coverage on the car. This coverage pays for repairs to the driver's vehicle in the event of an accident. It does not pay for other damages, such as weather-related damage or theft. Comprehensive coverage is also an option. It simply offers a wider range of covered situations. You can also add personal property coverage, towing coverage and more.

You will have to pay a monthly premium to keep the policy active. There will also be a deductible to pay before the insurance company does its part.  The amount of the deductible is adjustable so you can find an affordable option. Just keep in mind that as the deductible increases, the premium decreases.

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