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Commercial Packages Insurance Policies

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If you are a small business owner you typically would purchase a BOP - Business Owners Policy, which would offer basic property and liability coverage. However, if your business is growing or you face specialized risks due to the nature of your business, the typical BOP would not be suitable and you would need to purchase a Commercial Package Policy (CPP).


CPP can be customized to your needs depensing on the type and size of your business. Most policies will cover property damage and have a degree of general liability insurance, on top of which you can often add any of the following components and even more: business income insurance, business vehicle insurance, business crime insurance, commercial umbrella liability coverage, equipment breakdown, employment practices liability, and farming or ranching losses coverage.


The premium depends on the types of things you want to insure, and the condition of the business property. Also, the nature of the business and perceived risks will affect the cost of coverage.

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